em·paths al·che·my


/ˈempaTHs ˈalkəmē/

1. When a person translates truth through the vessel of their own body, returning it to the world as compassionate wisdom. 

I can't wait to meet you!

Spiritual Counseling

These sessions are done over the phone, and are available both in the US and internationally.

Too Sensitive.

An Empaths Story. Available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook!

Empaths Alchemy Podcast

An irreverent show on sensitive subjects. Living outside of survival as an Empath.

The Narcissist & The Empath Course

Through a collection of short stories and scenarios, we'll dive into the gray area between these polarities and uncover spaces of understanding and transformation.


You are meant for so much more than survival.

I'm here to listen, to acknowledge your story, and to celebrate each step of reclaiming your power and healing the wounds!

"Talking to Rebecca is like seeing yourself for the first time. I mean seeing your true self. We all have a way of looking at ourself thru our own eyes or someones else's eyes but we never truly have our eyes completely open. After talking to Rebecca one time I felt I was no longer alone. She saw me for who I was and was truly ok with it. In fact, she was able to read my voice so well I think she honestly knew more about me than I did. I was very skeptical of a phone session.. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT PHONE SESSIONS!!! Honestly it cuts the bullshit… You don’t have the visual disturbances or your mind wondering how she is looking at you or any distractions! It was just me this morning with my cup of coffee in my robe being raw and real and shooting the shit with a long lost friend. She gets me. It isn’t all fluff it is real and it is going to be hard, but damn I feel an adrenaline rush after talking to her like I could take on any problem no matter how big or how small. Empaths need each other. I just booked ten more sessions. This is money spent I will never regret. Chose you. You deserve it."

Janelle L.

"A MILLION STARS! I LOVE my intuitive counseling sessions with Rebecca. She has this way of giving you a hug over the phone and from the first minute of our first conversation, I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She is so great at seeing parallels that you have never realized existed (or maybe didn’t want to), and there is NEVER even the slightest hint of judgement. I’d probably talk to Rebecca like 3 times a week if I could."

Adrian E.

"Y’all, I was SO nervous for my first intuitive counseling session with Rebecca, which is so silly to think about, because it truly felt chatting with a dear, wise friend.  Rebecca creates a safe space where we can easily allow ourselves to heal out loud. She gently guides you through your feelings and realizations in a way that leaves you feeling a million times lighter. Never underestimate the power of kindred, nonjudgmental spirits."

Alyssa M.

"Doing a phone session with Rebecca feels like a wonderful warm phone call with a dear old friend, but all the attention get to be focused on me, and my dreams and visions, which is lovely and sometimes much needed in life. It is a really good feeling to receive the warmth of this compassionate and self honest woman’s generously shined light. Rebecca has always reminded me to have faith in myself, and to recognize that I have a good heart and good intentions. She gives all this without trying to hide her own humanity and struggles on her own path.  I have never felt that she was trying to control me or one-up, or have any power over me, which is a really big deal in this kind of interaction. I’m very appreciative and grateful for her and for her work."

Amy E.

"...Finding Rebecca has been hugely comforting and validating during a time when so many other spiritual/healing voices have left me feeling inadequate, misunderstood, or simply like there was still "something wrong with me." Rebecca has helped me accept myself, accept my process, accept where I am as absolutely where I am supposed to be, rather than constantly berating myself for the ways in which I am emotionally or spiritually behind. I still FEEL THINGS intensely and often those things are not *light and happiness* and I no longer get frustrated about that, but instead I am curious, gentle, and loving toward them. Which has shifted everything! Rebecca has helped me understand my past, understand how my past has both shaped me in ways that are difficult but also how those difficult things are exactly what I can explore to get to know myself better, heal myself, and find my own unique strength. I love Rebecca's perspective, her honesty and willingness to GO THERE, her compassion and genuine support, and her REALNESS. She's super real in a world where I often feel it is socially discouraged to present ourselves as anything less than a perfectly authentic healed person. Healing is a process, not a destination! Yes! Rebecca is absolutely the best and it should be a public service for everyone to have a chat-session with her!"

Ella C.

"It took me 51 years to learn about my HSP hard wiring, only to find that my longtime therapist really didn’t work in this rather new field.  Finding Rebecca was like finally coming up for air and having someone there to teach you how to swim. Her personal experience as an HSP Empath allows you to open up without effort.  The hour flies by with the ease of sitting at a friend’s kitchen table for a really motivational chat.  If you struggle with the special challenges of being an HSP in today’s crazy world, reach out to this incredible woman.  You will feel stronger, more confident and UNDERSTOOD, perhaps for the first time, by the end of the first session."

Brigid S.

"The hour I spent with Rebecca while my sister was going through an acute mental health crisis, which was directly impacting my own mental health and bringing back a plethora of past trauma, was critical in re-connecting me to who I am and re-orienting me to the fact that there are always circumstances that we can control, even during crisis.  Rebecca mentions many times in her work how she is not a mental health professional and I knew that when I scheduled my hour with her. During a pivotal time in an important interpersonal relationship, I turned to Rebecca for guidance and in her grace-filled, humorous and lovely way, Rebecca was able to help re-unite me with my own inner compass and truth with active listening.  I think I heard Rebecca say recently that an hour with her is like having an hour with a friend that wants to cheer you on, and I felt that. Her bird's eye view, the lens of her own traumatic experiences and resulting growth, and attunement to the power that each one of us has within ourselves is an impactful way to rise up from the challenges that life will always bring. I highly recommend her sessions. "

Erin H.

"Having intuitive counseling sessions with Rebecca is better than I dreamed it could be! Having listened to both her podcast and book, I felt a deep level of respect for the her journey and the wisdom that is so often gained through pain. Imagine getting to sit down and have coffee with one of your favorite authors or podcasters. Now imagine that their whole goal of said coffee date is making sure you walk away feeling seen and heard. THAT is what it's like working with Rebecca. My friends and family gain insight from our sessions as well, since she sends notes after the fact about the take-away's from the session. This has allowed people in my life to better understand both where I've been and where I'm going. These sessions have helped me tremendously as an empath and deeply feeling person who just needs to talk to someone who "gets it." Let me assure you - Rebecca get its. So thankful for all that she is and will be booking again ASAP."

Holly M.

Sweet baby Jesus I don't wanna see you subscribe to the idea that your sensitivity is a weakness, but I would love to see you subscribe to this!

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