I Can't Wait To Meet You

Hey honey, I'm so glad you're here!

A quick rundown of credentials and then we'll get to the good stuff!

-Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist since 2008

- Ordained Minister and Certified Spiritual Counselor

-  Received Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanistic Science specializing in Metaphysical Spiritual Counseling in 2017

- Author of Too Sensitive. An Empaths Story, published in 2018

- Host and Creator of Empaths Alchemy the podcast

My entire life has been a study in human behavior, the effects of trauma, and how these mold our relationship with the metaphysical. 

After years of my own personal experiences and in-depth studies of multiple spiritual practices and shamanic traditions- I've come to the conclusion that ALL of it is correct. There's no right or wrong way to connect with the wholeness of who we are... but I do have preferred ways of sharing and speaking on it.

I think the feeling that we're crazy comes from the belief that being tuned into our spiritual nature, means we must inevitably separate from our human nature. 

In my experience- that's where extreme spiritual focus can actually cause things like depression, detachment, and anxiety.

Ain't nobody want that!

I'm here to help ground you in your wisdom. Take the self-righteousness out of self-help. And bring the humor and passion back into your growth!

I cannot wait to speak with you!!

All my love and hugs-