Spiritual Counseling 


You ain't crazy. You just need to be heard.  


I'm here to listen, validate your intuition, and help you identify the synchronicities showing up in your life so you can see above the noise and smog.



30min Spiritual Counseling Session- $65

60min Spiritual Counseling Session- $110

60min Spiritual Counseling Session w/ Follow-Up Email or Audio - $175

Distance Healing Session- $85

Distance Healing Session w/ Follow-Up Email or Audio Recording- $110

Package of 3 60min Sessions- $285 Save $15 a piece! 

Package of 10 60min Sessions- $850 Save $25 a piece!


All counseling sessions are done over the phone and available in both the U.S. and internationally!

Interested in a session or want to find out which service would be best for you?

You can email me directly at [email protected]



"Ugh, this was the best, I should be doing this once a month!"

"I've got to make sure I don't wait so long 'til my next call!"

"Oh gosh I have so much I want to go over I might not be able to even fit it in this call..."

I hear these statements from clients constantly. So many of us are used to only taking care of ourselves when it feels like an absolute necessity. A huge part of taking your health and power back is simply prioritizing your time. And packages can help you with that!

You'll save money and set yourself up for pre-paid pre-scheduled self-care!  No more waiting 'til you're at the end of your rope.

I'm tellin' ya, regular maintenance makes all the difference!