One on One Sessions


Put a voice to your feelings and clear the channel for your own wisdom. 

We can easily spend the majority of our energy bringing peace and clarity to those around us, but when it comes to our own clarity and healing, it can get put on the back burner.

The less we give a voice to our own experiences and emotions, the more difficult it becomes to translate and validate our own wisdom.

Rather than our empathy allowing us to experience deep connection and expansive compassion, we can begin to feel burnt out and burdened from it.

These sessions offer you time to  -

  • Discuss what you're experiencing and translate your own language of wisdom.
  • Talk through difficult relationships and release frustrations and anger that have gone unspoken.
  • Connect the dots in your own healing with generational trauma and repeated patterns.
  • Ask questions, speak freely, and validate the intelligence of your own sensitivities so you're no longer working against them!

30 and 60 minute sessions are available as well as 60 minute sessions including a follow-up email with additional insight.

All sessions are done over the phone and available in both the U.S. and internationally!

I can't wait to speak with you!

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