"Where You Get Your Information From Huh?"...the Beastie Boys mostly.

August 31, 2017

Good Morning love! :)


So I'm still figuring out exactly how I'm gonna map this out, but I'll continuously be sharing messages I've channeled through the years and presently as I feel they are needed for all of us.


Today I want to remind you how absolutely capable you are of anything it is that you desire!  Are you like me, and desire vibrant health and vitality, but also crave coffee and muffins which may not exactly make me feel vibrant or healthy... haha Sometimes I picture asking the answers to questions without a clear vision of what we want in life like confusing a waiter at a new restaurant.  


"Hey so listen, I'm lactose intolerant, but that pizza smells deLISH, so like if you could bring me a sample maybe?  I dunno though cause this is a first date 'n I'm in a white cocktail dress so that's probably...yeah let's maybe not.  Maybe just a small sample and how close is your ladie's room?  Well, ya know what...let's just do a salad, I should have some greens.  Oh, but is your ranch homemade, cause if so I'll just risk it!

I often envision our angels looking at us like,


"Guhl... help me help YOU!  Read over the menu...I'll wait."


Trust me, I'd love for someone else to tell me exactly what I should do at plenty of avenues in my life.  Ain't it the case though that when you do follow someone else's vision, often times you realize if you'd have listened to yourself, you'd have done things differently even if only slightly.  It doesn't exactly mean they meant you harm or they have faulty problem solving skills, but they are not YOU!  Look I'm sure some people love ranch so much they'd dip their chocolate cake in it  (that came out sexual but I assure you that was NOT my intention) Don't make it wrong.  Don't make it right.  We all have different tastes, passions, aspirations, and beliefs.  I've found it is the same with our spiritual guidance.  Unless it is  a specific situation of life and death, I've witnessed that we will always be gifted with making choices for ourselves.  "As we see ourselves, so shall we be."  (That may not be the exact quote... but you know what I'm sayin...)  The best parents and teachers empower children to build and trust in their individual knowledge, capabilities, and strength. Nobody wants a 40 year old son eatin hot pockets in the basement...especially if it's not your 40 year old ... 




You are a genius at YOU University ya know what I'm sayin sug?  You can't mess up, just keep working at it and ask for help and clarity anytime you want. :)  I often receive images or metaphors, as I think they are easily translated from person to person as they are specifically intended.


Divine Message:


" Follow your happy tears, they will never lead you astray!"


" We will never tell you what you must do.  You are the captain of your ship.  We are here to provide a bird's eye view, much like a loving parent lifting their child up to look in the cookie jar.  It is with love and excitement that we show you the possibilities, and allow you to choose for yourself."



Have a fantastic day!!


-Dr. Rebecca Garifo

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