Diagnosis: Sick and tired. No insurance required. YA WELCOME.

October 25, 2017

It's a lil crazy what ya realize you've been putting up with for years, when you finally start letting it go.

An illness, a toxic attachment, a general ache or pain, and especially emotional baggage.

It's easy when we stay busy to just become used to it, accept it as part of life and do what we gotta do to keep on cruising, but that caaaan tend to make day to day life feel about as abundant in joy as waiting at the DMV office.

In fact oddly enough from a personal perspective and from witnessing it in clients, having an illness, allergy, or general bodily malfunction has become a way of identifying ourselves to the world. Every other article is "Living with Fibromyalgia."  "Treating Anxiety and Depression."  "Eczema and Psoriasis"

I felt for a good year I had to learn to introduce myself so I could be strong in my own illness.


 "Hi, my names Rebecca Garifo and I have Grave's Disease, and Hashimoto's...I know that doesn't really make sense cause they're complete opposites but...that's what 3 medical specialists diagnosed me with so...ya know...I got...things...with my body...that are fucked..." (shoulder shrug. end scene.)


Along with a couple supplements of Ashwagandha and Cat's Claw, I pretty much just get rest when I need it and eat healthy; not near like the bone broth breakfast I was having daily.  Now I'm just listening to what my body needs rather than letting someone else tell me what they think I need.  (See where I'm goin' here?)  


When ya sensitive, ya sensitive.  Period. ('n we are ALL sensitive to one degree or another.)  Food, soaps, energies, emotions, television, music, sleep, all of it.  To one degree or another, your body will tell you, "I like this.  I don't like that."  'N it tells us by how it makes us feel.  Good, or bad.  I get a lil frustrated with the fact that everything has been made so complicated because y'all it aint, but when everything's categorized and separated (much like people in general) we begin to think we don't know ourselves well enough to help ourselves at all.  We start fearing ourselves and everything around us in fact.  We begin putting someone else in charge of our own health, wellbeing, and happiness.


Let's look at like this.


Let's say, ya get punched in the mouth.  (I dunno why I just got real Mike Tyson with y'all, but we're going there.  Leth do thith.)  After a few hours of pain ya go to your doctor and tell them you're having some discomfort around your pie hole, so they proceed to investigate on that information alone.  They apply a hot rag to your mouth. "Does this hurt?"  "Yes."  Then maybe they apply ice.  "Does this hurt?"  "Yes."  Then they spray some rubbing alcohol on it.  "How bout this?"  "....mmhm."

Diagnosis- You're reacting to heat, cold, AND rubbing alcohol.



No my friend... ya got punched in the mouth, ya gonna need to give that shit a minute.  As silly as this scenario may sound, this is actually not real far from how things are being treated now.  One traumatic event can put us in a weakened state and our body begins reacting to everything with discomfort.


I went in to get food allergy tests done from a wonderful wonderful fella in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of those people you know are REALLY striving to help people.

I expected there would be a fair amount of things I was reacting to, but he sat across from me at his desk one afternoon and sweetly said- 


"Rebecca, I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news, but you're reacting to all foods.  You're reacting to all leptins basically."  I've been studying nutrition (not that I'd been applying it...) for years, so I knew that meant yeah...it's in everything.

I'm really good at smiling and nodding until I can process shit later.

"No no it's not for you to apologize about," I said, "So like...what should I..."

"You can begin researching Leptin diets," he answered.  "There's the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Book..."  I'd read it already but nodded as if it was a brilliant idea.  


A couple weeks later after more blood work he told me I had an autoimmune disease, "You'll have this the rest of your life," he said.  Theeeen a couple weeks later my stool sample test results came back 'n the poor man sat me down again 'n said "Welllll you've also got a parasite called Blastocystis Hominis."  By this point I was pretty much like, "Go ahead lemme have it.  I'll be eating cod liver gogurt snacks for the rest of my life already..."


Let us be thankful I am not in fact living off of Cod Liver GoGurt snacks.  (Why did I capitalize that like it's a REAL snack? Oh my werrd...)



Today, I started my period, I'm a lil crampy, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I generally feel fantastic most days...which has been unheard of for a long ass time.  My face has got a lil eczema going on from some harsh soaps I was using, but as soon as I switched up to baking soda, ACV, and honey, it's cleared right up.  I'm such a perfectionist it's a bit of a toughy sometimes to not get impatient, but holy shit it's teaching me to take it easy and trust myself rather than become fearful and anxious as usual.  If it's a strong chemical, my skin will tell me.  If somebody's bein' sneaky, I'll get nauseous.  If I'm angry and not speaking up for my self, my throat will close up.  The more I take care of myself, the quieter and fewer the symptoms, but the more drained I am, the louder the symptoms. Understandable right?   


We've been taught to fear all of these signs and symptoms.  That our body's are failing and attacking us, when in reality, they're doing just the opposite.  They're yelling to get our attention.  To slow down for a minute.  To take notice of what's going on, and is it actually nurturing us, or draining us?  Does the current situation you're in make you take long full breaths, or are you shallow breathing with your abdomen locked in?

The longer we don't listen, the louder the signs.  


Take a reeeeeal good deep breath down to your toes right meow.  You know what to do. It's not as scary as it may seem.  You're just stronger than you realize.




Divine Message-


"To fear the dark is to fear your very source of creation.  Rest.  Silence. Introspection. These are sources from which your life, your health, and your dreams begin and come into fruition.  Just as the night transitions you into a new day, avoiding the true source of your suffering is to keep your own spirit awaiting the dawn indefinitely."



-Dr. Rebecca Garifo







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