That's some spooky shit.

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

In spirit of the day, I think I should share some spooktacular (auto correct said "spectacular?" 'n I said, "No ma'am. You heard me.") stories. :)

I'm not really one for watching anything reeeeeal scary anymore cause let's be honest, when ya getting visitors and hearing from spirits on the regular, ya reeeeeeeally don't need those Hollywood images in your head from The Ring 'n shit constantly circling through ya know what I mean?  I mean me 'n Joe watched Pet Cematary the other night 'n I said, "Wow this is a lil more intense than I thought it was supposed to be..." So...Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, and Hitchcock is about my speed haha. 


 I've had visitors I guess you'd say all my life, even after our dog Bucky died, I remember sleeping on the couch in the living room and waking up just enough to hear his paws running my way from the kitchen.  I laid there thinking, "Pleeeeease not the cold wet nose," but as usual I felt his long nose pop me under the head to wake me up 'n pet him.  I opened my eyes 'n thought, "uhh wait."  I think, this is the first time I actually realized what I was experiencing.  


One of my favorite visits though has got to be from one of my husbands dear friends who was killed in a motorcycle accident a few years ago.  He had, and still has evidently, a personality larger than life.  I think it may have been 48 hrs after the accident I was upstairs in our loft apartment putting on makeup when something in the house started beeping.  I assumed it was our smoke alarm and kept popping my head out from the bathroom to check, but then it would stop.  I'd go back to putting my face on 'n it'd start up again, but without any kind of rhythm, it just started getting faster and faster.  I started slowly walking down the stairs, this not being the first time something like this has happened I thought, "ohhhh what am I about to walk up on...please don't make me jump ok.  just be cool."  Beeping beeping beeping like crazy, and I come around the corner to see numbers flashing across the microwave nonstop.

I just stood there and stared at it, and after a few seconds it just started saying, power level may not be changed at this time..."huh?"  Then more numbers, 'n by this point I was over the beeping so I started smashing numbers myself like, "ok ok I hear ya stop that!" n I somehow locked the microwave.  Nothing.

So I just stood there like an idiot 'n said, "Hello?"  Nothin.  I picked up some empty rubber made containers and turned to put them in the cabinet and there was Chachi.  Jumping up 'n down (in regular Chachi fashion) with his scratchy holler, "ahh I know you can hear me you crazy bitch!"

I just stopped, n I know my face was like



He got so excited I was listening to him he couldn't quite decide what he wanted to say to Joe, but he made it clear he loved him as a brother, and that he was still his crazy lovable self haha


In the same spot a few months later I was washing dishes 'n often am having conversation with my spirit team you could say haha and began asking them and myself in particular, "Am I just fucking nuts?  Like I hear from spirits, see flashes and figures, smell things, hear songs, and random messages...all day everyday.  Maybe it's just in my head 'n I'm like...a high functioning nut job.  Am I a high functioning nut job?  Just give it to me straight."  (The irony of asking the voices in my head whether I'm crazy or not...)


Not eeeeeven 30 seconds after this highly thought out question haha my phone sitting on the other side of the counter turned on and began playing iTunes suddenly, "Those who are dead are not dead...they're just livin' in my heaaaad..."




I was like "oh!...oh ok...well that was a good answer.  thanks guys!"  If you don't think your spirit guardians have a sense of humor... I'm here to tell ya, they get a kick out of life, as we all should, cause this shit can get real ridiculous sometimes.  When I was stressing out over who knows what one day, something dumb I'm sure, I heard, "Look, what's the WORST that could happen?  You die.  'N ya know what happens when you die?  You go somewhere even better than where you are right now!  So really, there's NOTHING to be afraid of!"


I was speaking with them one day on the way to work, and realizing I was falling involve with Joe...I knew I wouldn't be moving anytime soon.  "Look, ya'll know I don't do well with the 9-5 and no adventure, so I will go wherever y'all want me to go, you just take me there."  Maybe 5 minutes later I got a text inviting me to teach in Kauai, and when I got to work and began my first massage session, my client looked up and said, "You got your passport?  I need a Massage Therapist in Belize, I've got some friends coming to paint murals on the place."  (This sweet fella opened his home in paradise to us, and we are SO THANKFUL!!)

I'm still amazed, everyday at what's going on that we may not see with out physical eyes but I promise you... it's a LOT.




It can be a little unnerving sometimes to think about what IS going on behind the veil, but honestly, there really is nothing to be afraid of.  Assholes walk among us in physical form everyday 'n we don't check under our beds for em,  so don't get too worked up over the yucky spirits naw mean?  You're still in control of who you hang out with physical AND nonphysical. 


About 3 years ago we were taking the Harley for a lil day trip and lunch with some neighbors and as we got ready I started hearing some input from the team.  "Wear your long sleeve jacket and your rings.  Grab a couple bandaids, somebody might need em" Nothing made me feel anxious, just, calm guidance. (if you're hearing from spirits that are of the highest good, even the most honest information will come with peace.  If it gives you anxiety or worry...disregard it.  This is the same with people in general.  Moving on...) Joe looked at me 'n said, "Bandaids?  Babe it's hot... are you sure you wanna wear that jacket?"  "I dunno, somebody might need em! Yeah I'll be fine!"  The couple riding with us rode behind us down Carolina Beach Rd, it was a beautiful day, but I knew were weren't gonna make it to lunch.  I sat on the back thinking, "If we got in an accident...would I know what to do? Would I react quickly?"  We approached the intersection downtown for our exit, and I realized Joe was looking at the light further ahead and not the one directly in front of us, "RED LIGHT BABE!"  The brakes locked up and the bike fish tailed as I popped off the back doing a softball slide and jumping to my feet.  I was running as soon as I hit the pavement and saw the bike rolling over and over on itself flattening the handle bars.  I was picking up lights and pieces of the bike running toward Joe yelling "BABE!"  

He was on his back as the bike rolled toward him and kicked the gas tank to stop it.  Traffic had frozen and everyone was just watching us evidently.  Joe picked the bike up and rolled it out of the street as his buddy Rob said, "Y'all were on your feet before I could even get my kickstand down...that was like acrobatic."

His girlfriend was white as a ghost 'n I wrapped my arms around her saying, "we're ok honey we're ok!  I knew that was gonna happen..."

We all stood and smoked a cigarette and collected ourselves.  I didn't have a scratch on me, but Joe got some road rash on his hand and his elbow.  I pulled out my 2 bandaids and we looked at each other like "ohhhhhh..."





Divine Message-

"We are always with you, in the stillness, in the silence, in this very moment.  There is no need to search for us like lost glasses, check the top of your head ;-)"



-Dr. Rebecca Garifo






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