Gotta make that change! Ch'mon!

November 8, 2017

I love coffee.

It's everything I want.

It's warm.  It's quiet.  It smells like victory.  When I'm being antisocial, coffee is the one friend I'm like, "Nah you can come."  If I'm stressed, coffee.  If I'm happy, coffee.  If I'm havin chitchat time, coffee.

Coffee is the keystone in my life...  If Charles Manson offered me coffee, my thought process would legitimately be, "I know he's done some bad things, helter skelter 'n what not, but he's giving me coffee so I feel like I can look past that for a minute..."  Coffee clouds my judgement.

So does Jameson, but I don't drink Jameson with my oatmeal ya know what I mean,  he 'n I only visit a couple times a year.

Coffee on the other hand... feels like my adult version of a blanky.  As long as I have a coffee cup in my hand, we may proceed with adult conversation.

Here's the problem though... coffee makes me feel awful.  There I said it.  (such betrayal.)

I mean when I was younger, I could drink 5 cups a day, chain-smoke, 'n move right on to Black 'n Tans 'n I was good.

 (Channeling Chicago...real trashy Chicago.  Unlike my usual bag lady chic.  #tuppenceabag)


 Those days are gone.  Gone with the wind.  Coffee was the one thing when I was going through treatments and allergy tests I'd come home and cry to Joe, "God pleeeeease don' take away coffee!!! That's my one comfort."

I was then prescribed coffee the joke was on me with not specifying how I take my coffee.  Be specific y'all.  

The worst ever: not being able to actually drink coffee, but the bathroom always smells like Folgers... 

I got through it though!  'N of course as soon as my health improved, I was back to my morning routine.


 "It's time for the percolator!"  (please play that song with this's a joy I promise.)  

Buuuuut after getting back into the full swing of my relationship with coffee...the lil bastard got me again.  All day crashes, stomach aches, throat agitation, skin irritation, 'n generally feeling cracked out after a few sips.

I finally admitted that even the smell of coffee made my stomach knot up...which obviously is my body trying to tell me something.  (This also happens with Winterfresh gum...I don't even know but the smell of it gives me gas pains...the hell is in that mess!?


As I've written before, (I'm real good at listening to my own advice.) sensitive means sensitive to everything, so it only makes sense that strong stimulants everyday might start to throw up some red flags.

Why do we love stuff so much that makes us feel like crap!?  The hell is wrong with us haha  (To be continued in the next blog!)

It's kinda crazy but in starting a new career, healing my body, and looking toward the future, these little changes in my daily routine like breakfast tea rather than coffee, are huge!

My entire day goes differently because my morning started in a healthier direction.  Not stickin' with what I'm comfortable with, but taking responsibility for how I feel the rest of the day and reminding myself I have control over it.

Try it.

If you've got some huge changes you want to happen in your life, change something you do everyday.  Sleep on the other side of the bed.  Call someone rather than texting.  Try a new dish you've never had. Wear an outfit you'd usually put off for later.  Listen to a new song, or rediscover an old band you used to love.  

It's easy to get stuck in our webs of daily routines and feel like someone has to write us a prescription to change, but taking control back into our own hands can be like the splash of cold water we've needed.

One degree changed on a compass may seem minuscule, but after 2,000 miles, you actually changed your course entirely.

Watch how you look at yourself, and what you've been allowing in your life.  The tiny changes will bring the larger ones into focus with each step.  



Divine Message-


"To go through your day repeating habits and routines formed earlier in life without question is like walking with a cane 10 years after your leg has healed.  Not only is it no longer needed, but your entire body will be forced to accommodate the limp.  Many bad habits are referred to as a "crutch" are they not?  They were useful at one time in your life, but don't let them hinder your progression.  You are limitless."





-Dr. Rebecca Garifo







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