It's the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeaaaaar!

November 27, 2017

Remember when I said I don't talk to Jameson but a couple times a year?  

It's that time of year.  

We caught up yesterday with a hot tea 'n some honey 'n it was glorious; he got my lil chest cold feelin all sortsa better.  Bless you Jameson.  There have been times Irish Whiskey and I became too close, too comfortable... I underestimated his sneakiness...'n in turn had to hold onto our couch cushions for dear life the next day until I could hold down a dry biscuit.  (biscuits are always there for me...)  But alas... the healing powers cannot be denied yall.  Me 'n Joe walked into brunch with me soundin' like a a barking seal (not kissed by a rose, but the animal) 'n left with my voice almost completely restored. 

Whaaaat?! I know.  It's magic.  Hot Tottie magic.

Obviously drinking Jameson with breakfast does not look like the best thyroid immune boosting diet plan, but that was exactly what I needed yesterday.

Sometimes what's best for us, looks like a cop out to everyone else.  Do it anyway.


We were supposed to spend Thanksgiving  with my sister, husband, and the kids at our dad's this year, but the night before we were gonna leave town as I laid in bed next to my pyramid of tissues at 3am I thought, "I can't do this...I'm dying."  I had already bought fixins for everything to bring to Dad's, scheduled for Dilly to stay at the vet's and told friends we'd be coming to town, 'n all that went down the shitter yall.  'N it turned out just fine.  I felt awful telling my Dad  we weren't gonna make it and started crying when I heard his voice, but I began feeling better as soon as I hung up the phone and realized I didn't have to drug myself up and smile through the snot.  I could just put on my wool socks 'n watch Little Women in peace.  'N ya know what, this is the first time in... a really really long time, that I haven't developed full on bronchitis after my cold.

Rather than taking AlkaSeltzer Cold every 4 hours, I let it run it's course.  Drank gallons of hot ginger tea, took hot epsom salt baths, and slept in as much as I needed.  I just let it be and stopped being so hard on myself.  

I've had a lot weighin' on my heart for a long time...which only makes sense why the chest congestion is usually real quick to settle in.  I got a lot goin on in there.  

I've been terrified of losing members of my family one by one the more authentic I am and the less afraid I've become to speak.  It's been a phenomenal and exciting time for me and my husband, but also a little nerve wracking as there's no telling what the future may hold.


The holidays can be quite stressful on a lot of us as not only are we loading up on sugar and stress, but revisiting family animosity and triggers in between the yams and gravy.  Everyone dreams of a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving... but it usually ends up a lil more Paul Bundy.  


It's kinda endearing how messy our relationships can be, but when they're supposed to work, they always find a way.  I've become more relaxed in realizing things will work, or they won't, but there's no use in exhausting myself tip toeing the possibilities.  Just let it be.  The only person I have control over is me, 'n when I feel healthy, fulfilled, and cared for, I have copious amounts of love and compassion for my family no matter the situation. 

When going through my doctorate program I read a statement about stress that made me say, "Damn."  "Stress is trying to control a situation or person that is beyond our control."  Mmhm...let that sink in for a minute.  As this is the season of giving, why not give ourselves a lil break from trying to keep everything on track during the holidays.  Take a couple things off the list and just enjoy this time of year rather than rushing through it as best we can.  Then if it's needed, we can receive the fruits of wisdom from confrontation and illness rather than just seeing them as wrenches thrown in the spokes of our perfection and repeating the same things year after year.  Healthy relationships start with the individuals ya know what I mean?  Do your thang.


Put your feet up.

Drink a cup of tea.

Add a shot of Jameson and cheers to you!



Divine Message-

"Your family is your first and greatest teacher.  A great teacher will push you past your comfort zone, ask you to dig deep, and empower you to find your own wisdom and strength.  You won't love every assignment, but we promise it'll make the rest of the curriculum easier if you do your homework."



-Dr. Rebecca Garifo



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