Your mechanic at Meineke has the same healing potential as your Numerologist. Don't get it twisted.

December 27, 2017

I met one of my dearest dearest friends when she came in for a session years ago in Wilmington.  I stuck my foot in my mouth (nothing new there) when she asked about energy work 'n I replied, "Ya know...I've never actually taken energy work training, in fact the only days I missed in massage school, were during the energy work classes; but every time I work on someone they tell me I'm doin it so, I just don't think I'm meant to get it from anywhere but between me 'n God I guess.  I feel like the whole Reiki fad has taught people they have to receive certification 'n permission from someone else to use their own natural gifts ya know what I mean?"  "Oh ok...well I ask because I practice Reiki..." "Oh, I mean that's cool!"  Nice work George Costanza... 'n this gal ended up bein the best of friends after that haha I guess that kinda broke the ice for both of us that we could be open from then on out without fear of steppin' on each others toes.




My very first client on my very first day of clinical's in massage school scared the ever living piss outta me.  I got the room perfect, turned the sheets down just so, made sure my Thievery Corporation cd was on the perfect track to begin with...I was bout to blow this session outta the water you know what I'm sayin!?  Lemme show you what I can do yall!  I glided into the room, about to just wow her with my enlightenment and spiritual beingness.  "You can turn off that new age music, 'n don't give me that energy work shit.  I just want a massage you got it?"  Knife to the beamin aura yall.  "Yes ma'am no problem, you got it."  I trembled pressing the power off button on the CD player, and straightened my smile out to assure the woman I meant no foo foo business whatsoever.   I quietly shut the door behind me thinking,  "Oh my God... I haven't even started 'n I failed."  I hesitated to even touch her, "Fukfukfukfukfukfuk..." I could feel her snarling into the face cradle. "Ya know what?!  I do so much shit for other people.  'N for what.  Ya know, " she spouted.  Oh ok we're gonna talk... "Yeaaah..." I said quietly waiting for her to continue.  "I'm an interior designer.  I'm a fuckin go getter ok.  I'm very successful.  I'm busy but I try to take time for my friends.  I had to move this weekend and needed help loading the truck and packing boxes so I told my friends there'd be wine and food provided if they'd come help.  Not one showed up.  Not fuckin one. "  I just let her talk 'n nodded quietly.  She left saying how much better she felt 'n wow that was exactly what she needed.  I shoulda known then I'm naturally cut out to be more of a listening ear and counselor...but that would take me another 10 years.  I'm a lil stubborn.  It hadn't clicked yet that all I need to do for anyone else, is be me.  I don't have to really dooooo anything.  'N what I LOOOVE is listening and sharing.  


When I began my massage career I was still very young and trying to get comfortable in my own skin.  Every modality of healing as I was told came with instruction, a payment plan, 'n a certification.  I got comfortable keeping quiet about things my heart already knew because who was I to speak up when people asked, "Well where'd you learn that?  Who'd you study under?  How old are you?"   I'd only just begun dipping my toes in the metaphysical pool.  When a well known intuitive went on and on years ago about a prophecy she was downloading about the free masons and these rooms being built off of her heart I quietly spoke up and said, "Yes but, isn't it more important what is IN your heart that is mulitplying as opposed to the dimensions and calculations of it all? " All the women just turned 'n looked at me like, "Fuckin buzz kill."  

Look...I'm just sayin...  Information's great 'n all but compassionate wisdom's where it's at for me.  I don't give a shit what you know, I care where you're speakin it from.  When someone shares  from their heart, you can feel it, 'n it enriches your spirit in that moment. 


Have you ever taken a bite of some crunchy fluffy homemade bread 'n thought, " Oh. My. Heavens.  This is healin my life. " Well... it is!  Have you ever turned a song up so loud it rattles in your chest til tears stream down your face 'n thought, " This note is healin my soul. "  It is!  Have you ever laughed at a twisted joke with your friends til you almost peed yourself and thought, " That just brought me back to life. "  It did!





Especially at a time when crystals, sage bundles, tarot cards, and eyes closed with mudra hand positions have to be in a photo to prove someone is intune as a mother ... (not that there's anything wrong with that)  I think too many are missin the forest for the trees just as I did.  (I still struggle being comfortable just being me when people ask, " But like...what do you DO?  Yeah but have you read blah blah blah...  So you do yoga right? "


Every single thing on this earth is a healer in their very own perfect way.  The trick is finding what YOU are special at and makes you 100% you.  Do you have an immune system?  Do you have a scar from where a cut once was?  Have you had heart ache but learned to laugh again?  That's healing my friend, you did it!  You're doin it!  You'll continue to do it so long as you live.  No one has ever had to tell you how, or when, or why.  It is who you are, who we are, as divine beings it's just what we do.  







Anything you do, I don't care if its mopping floors at Motel 6.  If it makes your heart sing, then you are dancing in your divine healing potential and contributing to the joy of all mankind.  We cannot be in our authentic state and not inspire others on some level.  It's pretty incredible.  If Reiki or Watsu or Past Life Regression is what makes your heart sing, then get it!  Do it to it!  Just know that if you decide to go on tour slappin a bass 'n singin bout brown beavers you can share just as much joy and alignment as a weekend meditation retreat. Same destination, just differerent forms of transportation.  No two will look exactly alike.  Do I wanna hear jokes from Jesus Christ or George Carlin?  Probably George... but by all means if I'm lookin for innner peace... Jesus is my man.  Ya see what I'm sayin?  The more we categorize, the more we complicate things.  Why not find happiness in any and everything, just striving for our best and highest potential.  Period.  As diverse and creative as each person on this planet ony makes sense we need that many different avenues of healing and inpsiration for eachother to shine with the broad spectrum of our selves.  




Divine Message-

" For a guitar to be in tune, each string must perfectly sing it's very own note.  As soon as an A thinks it must sound like a D to create music... the harmony becomes muddy.  Inspire one another with your authentic song.  Sing it out dear ones! "  



-Dr. Rebecca Garifo










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