Don't be too hard on yourself with the food mess. No one else has your exact body and environment.

January 24, 2018

We all know what the latest dietary trends are.

That coconut oil could probably repair holes in the ozone layer.

Collagen will smooth your skin, shine your hair, 'n make you look airbrushed 'n beaming.

Chia seeds will turn you into a mayan planet fitness warrior.

Paleo diets are how our bodies were made to eat, eventhough I haven't lived outdoors or hunt 'n gathered my own food since mmm... 5 lifetimes ago.  (Just kidding, I still had someone do it for me. #Leoeverylifetime)

Gluten will ruin life as we know it, but sprouted grains are essential.  Just don't eat gluten, but don't miss out on the amino acids and complex carbs in sprouted grains!  It's not that hard to understand.




It's no wonder it can be hard to see progress in our health when 2 weeks into starting a new food plan, an article will come out saying the exact grocery list we just bought could and will lead to cancer and heart disease.

So we try another one...but inevitably someone will have facts on why that one is also not all it's cracked up to be.

The eff yall?!  Who's gonna eat all these turkey burgers!?  I ain't made of money!  All I'm made of right now is Luna Bars 'n unsweetened cashew milk.


5 years ago before I eeeever went 'n saw a doctor about food allergies or autoimmune mess, I sat to journal and asked myself what foods were not vibin with my body.



The list (and my reactions)  looked like this-



"EGGS!?! the fuck.  Eggs are my faaaavoriiiiiite."

Corn chips

"ok... that's enough.  I'm already done with this list."


"Wha-  what have I left to consume? This is bullshit."




I'd removed dairy already years ago and my cystic acne cleared up almost imediately, so that was pretty easy to stick with cause I was saving money on weekly trial skin regimens.

What's interesting is that the first 3 things to pop up on that list, which were always the staples of my diet... have not changed since I've gone through blood tests, stool samples, and thyroid checkups.  I aaaaalready knew 5 years ago... I just thought weeeeell I'll let a professional tell me so I know what I should really do.


Yeah... we already know yall.  It may take a lil time to quiet your mind 'n listen, but I promise you, if you're body is reacting negatively in any way to anyTHING... it's already been tryin to tell ya for a while now.

It's great to read studies on food and diet because often it will cement what we had a hunch about or intuitively knew would be beneficial.  It can offer a spelled out explanation to help us say things like, "OOHHHHH that's why I've been craving brazil nuts!  I needed selenium with my iodine intake...okaaaay..."


But for the love... don't do like I did 'n run in circles trying to find EXACTLY the right diet plan.  We have an entirely new liver every 90 days!  Our body is constantly changing and only makes sense our eating habits will naturally follow suit.  Just do what you know makes you feel good the best you can every day.

If you need a steak on Monday 'n nothin but veggies for the rest of the week, then girl you do that.

If you need a Jameson to calm your nerves 'n a cookie to remind yourself it's a good life, then girl you do that.


We can have the strictest diet in the world, but if we practice it with guilt 'n anger for never bein able to enjoy a treat once in a while... we might as well be plowin through a box of cheddar bo biscuits ok.  


Just do your best.  Treat yourself well.  Day at at time.  




Divine Message-

"Just as daily practices in your life will evolve as you grow and progress, naturally the prioritized foods and specific nutrients needed will as well.  Breast milk for growing infants is the most nutrient rich diet they can have, but I wouldn't recommend it at thirty."



-Dr. Rebecca Garifo



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