Just because someone smiles, doesn't mean they're your friend.

February 22, 2018


We naturally gain wisdom and insight when we realize we are already perfect and deserve all forms of abundance.  Self love and compassion FIRST yall.  It can be a lil dangerous when we haven't gotten past the patterns of self destruction or shaming and we go looking for advice without bein real decisive... it's real easy to just attract more physically and nonphysically to affirm our worst thoughts.  Ya ever had someone randomly sniff ya out for past drug use, like someone tipped em off?  I have.  They know!  It works the same with the spirit world yall.  




I've seen far too many people in classes who are in the midst of overcoming depression, anxiety, or simply finding their way, not be given the honest answers and gift of self responsibility with knowledge they need to continue their curiosity and self growth SAFELY and from an educated point of view.  Everything is taught as love 'n light....'n thas it.  The rest is often seen as taboo or something to be afraid of (which it is NOT.  We need duality.  Birth happens out of darkness.)  As adults, if we have a question about something we're heading towards, we need some honest answers from someone who's not afraid to give it to us straight. Otherwise we may go about makin some real bad decisions and nobody's gonna step in.  I mean thank God we learned how babies are made...or I'd be rollin 25 deep by now.  



Before seein a spidey friend lodge above your pillow at night, aren't you thankful you know the difference between a granddaddy long leg 'n a brown recluse?  Before pourin a sippy sip, aintcha thankful you know the difference between Belvedere Vodka 'n rubbing alcohol?  It's the same with spirit communication yall.  Know.  The difference.  If you don't, then you find someone who's honest and blunt enough to help you read your inner guidance system, and give you examples of what you could find when the lights turn on.  There's a lot of responsibility that comes with opening yourself and becoming more and more receptive.


I've always been very sensitive to emotions, intentions, 'n energies but my teens were when I first started actually seeing outlines and flashes of figures at times.

5 or 6 years ago was the first time I got a clear look at what somone had tagging along with them.  Angelic beings have always felt very tall, accompanied by almost a cool mediteranean breeze feeling, and I've often seen flashes of green and blue along bright white columns of light.  There's always a feeling of immense love and compassion.  I prefer to work in this realm to receive information and ask for guidance, as opposed to earth bound energies, this is were many mediums and psychics work, in this middle ground.  It's real easy to see stuff, hear stuff, and feel stuff at that level beacuse it's slowed way down.  I don't like stickin aroud this area, there's just too much to weed through 'n not really the most insightful information.  In fact a lot of manipulation and entertaining seems to be the basis as I've watched many a psychic and client go frantic preparing for great disasters that never happen... but I'm sure it was entertaining for the spirit to have such control.  No one's insight, whether you're channeling it yourself, or with someone else's help, should ever make you feel anxious or panicked.  'N I mean ever.  Even the most blunt and honest responses from your highest self and your highest guardians will be delivered with such compassion and understanding, you will immediately feel relief and calm.  We as human beings have become addicted to stress and fear... 'n that is what tends to attract exactly those lil manipulators at times.  Just like a friend that always got us into bad situations, it's wise to remember there's just as many spirits waitin to fill the same role. 


Upon meeting a neighbor 5 years ago, I just felt...oh LAWD.  The weight of deceit and anger comin outta this woman was palpable.  I did everything I could to be nice, smile, and even brought gifts...but yall sometimes that makes it worse.  (The happier you are, the more some people just wanna kick ya, so it's best to just...not stand close to 'em!)  I began having visual warnings of her plans which played out within days 'n I realized, "This chick is keepin company with some baaaaad shit!"  I was having weekly tea time with a neighbor one day 'n suddenly saw a flash of my blue 'n white flower pot being knocked over and smashed.  Like usual, I reported the vision to my husband for confirmation if 'n when it did happen.  We walked up the stairs 2 days later to find my huge ceramic pot smashed on the porch 'n I thought, "Welp... saw that one comin..."  When that didn't get her the reaction she wanted, she turned up the gas, and I mean it got ridiculous.  It got to a point I had to calmly confront her 'n say, "Have I done something to upset you?"  "No!  Not at all," she replied, acting surprised that I should even be asking.  I let her know firmly that I didn't appreciate the mess she was making and if she had stories to weave, she needed to spread them elsewhere.  She smiled gritting her teeth 'n I returned to my breakfast on the porch thankful she didn't slug me. When she turned to go back inside her apartment, I watched a dripping tarrish figure follow her right through the door.  

Maybe a day later I opened a shamanic teachings book and read a line that described "a dripping tarrish figure". Yall... I was like WHAAAAT I SEENT THAT!  Don't you love when you get those confirmations!?  Oh my gosh it's my FAVORITE!  We are so damn smart...



I just spoke with a friend yesterday about how sick you can make yourself if you open all the flood gates by starting a drastic detox, before practicing regular self care with plenty of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, hydration, and REST.  Sometimes this is called a healing crisis, when there's just too much toxixcity coming out at once for your body to handle comfortably.  This is what can happen when we open up quickly reaching for receptivity and instant enlightenment, but haven't yet become comfortable witnessing the darkest shades of ourselves with compassion, responsiblity, and self-love.  It can throw people into a state of shock and complete ungrounding where it's way too easy to be taken off course and lose faith in their own divinity.   We've all created  monsters in our lives at times to reaffirm we're not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not deserving enough... you name it.  Just like revealing artwork for criticism, it's important we are grounded in our self knowledge and compassion before opening up to to channeling and mediumship advice and practice.  Otherwise we may unfortunately believe one bad review or one snide remark 'n see ourselves as less than perfect.  If you think people say some ballsy shit on the internet... think about when they're invisible all together...  #nevermindthemhaters




Divine Message-

"We will never rush or push you, time does not pertain to us.  If you feel panicked or as if you're falling behind, it is only echoes of self doubt ringing back to you from past thought.  We have never lost faith in you, we are only here to remind you of the univeral wisdom you already contain, to seat you in your highest joy."



with love and joy-

Dr. Rebecca Garifo






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