I'm gonna put this song on repeat until I'm sufficiently sick of it.

February 27, 2018

I had the most wonderful session the other evening, (they're all wonderful yall...) 'n I just wanted to skip into the living room after we hung up.  We discussed how wild it is when you realize that you're experiencing the exact same dreams, physical aggrivations, and awakenings as you did this exact time last year!  Have you experienced this!?  If you think you haven't... go flip through your journal or think back to some milestones this time last year.  It's pretty fun!!

So much changes in one year...and  yet so much stays the same.  It can be a REALLY good way to see where you're freeing yourself or holding yourself back yall!!  


It can be frustrating sometimes when you've been working so hard to make changes and shifts in your life, but come around to the same pattern smacking you again 'n going "I THOUGHT I DEALT WITH THIS ALREADY!  WHAT THE EFF!?"  You may get a cold or go through a depression the same time every year.

Don't be discouraged!!  

Many times this means we've gotten to a deeper level of what we began uncovering months and months ago.  It's never exactly the same.  It's always a new angle and a fresh perspective.  It gives us another chance to release another continued subconcious pattern.  



Have fun watching the synchronicities as a witness and obeserver rather than beatin yourself up over not moving past something fast enough.  Cause let's be honest...there's no such thing as moving past anything.  It can either be packed away indefinitely and dragged along with us, or we can transform it over time into something beneficial and gain wisdom 'n compassion!  I like to think of it as if our chapters never reeeally close...they just get signed off for publishing (by us) when the final edit is how we want the story of our lives portrayed.  We can make it as melancholy or sorrowful as we want... or we can delve deep enough to hit gold and turn the entire chapter into a victory worthy of a standing ovation.


There's no time limit on editing your life.  Enjoy the process and keep refining it!  Revisit old songs, catch up with old friends, see where you've grown and see how resilient you truly are! 



Divine Message-

"Think of your divine self as simply experiencing joy and sorrow as a witness, in awe of the vast emotional landscapes you create and transform as human beings.  When something makes a significant impact, your spirit may revisit it over and over until you allow yourself to fully drink in the knowledge to be gained without fear or inhibition.  Put judgement aside, stand back from your masterpiece and witness it hand in hand with your divinity."


with love and joy-

Dr. Rebecca Garifo


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