When Life Gives You Gas.

March 6, 2018

How many people do you think deal with some kind of intestinal, digestive, irritable bowel something or other?  It seems to just continue climbing the charts.  

As people age, the general consensus is, "I just can't eat what I used to."  "That gives me terrible heartburn and indigestion now, it used to never bother me!"


Have you experienced the nervous bubble guts?  The awful, "Oh my God of all times, I've never been more nervous in my life ...'n now I'm gonna shit myself."  Our tummies don't lie.  If we've been force feeding ourselves anything, ignoring messages, or become unbalanced in any area...it'll let us know.




How well are we digesting life?  To what degree are we receiving the nutrients of emotional growth and experiences we're devouring?  Maybe we're trying to control things, holding onto them and becoming constipated.  Or maybe we just don't even wanna deal with it and it's running right through us without being digested at all.  (Ya get what I'm sayin...I'm talkin bout ya crap cycle haha)


When we aren't in parasympathetic mode, it's a struggle for our bodies to digest and release properly.  We need to be in a peaceful relaxed state to take in everything beneficial to us without feelings of being undeserving, rushed, or not being a priority in general.

Food.  Love.  Emotional Support.  Wisdom.  Knowledge.  All of it needs a state of peace to be fully received and stored beneficially.  Basically we need to feel safe and secure first and foremost before anything else.


Just like the most beneficial vitamin can lose all it's power by being coated and shellacked for aesthetic purposes, we can miss out on some serious healing and growth by not allowing ourselves to be fully present in our emotions and feelings without inhibition and judgement.


If you're tired of feeling emotional heartburn and indigestion... take time to digest!!!  Give yourself a minute.  No one would expect a marathon runner to eat a turkery dinner on the second mile... don't expect yourself to fully understand and overcome the deepest of lifes lessons while simultaneously carrying on at warp speed.




It's a daily rememebering of prioritizing your well being.  Taking opportunities to come back to peace and allowing things to settle.   Bit by bit your body, mind, and spirit will begin prioritizing your peace and ability to heal as opposed to keeping on track with set goals, dates and distractions outside of us.  In fact that's when things begin to move effortlessly and faster than we could have imagined.

You are your safe space.  Reinstate it as such daily.




Divine Message-

"Your time is yours, just as your energy and currency are your own.  You choose what way you will use them and whom it will benefit.  You can always shift your investments.  We would advise though, that you always invest in yourself first as all deposits and transactions need a good standing bank to do business with."


with love and joy-

Dr. Rebecca Garifo



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