Is this spiritual empowerment? Or confusion.

March 18, 2018

Nobody needs to tell you hooow to be a spiritual aaaaaare a spiritual being. We can all inspire one another, listen to one another, and share an outside perspective, but in the end, it's us who knows best for ourselves.  You get to ask yourself, shop around, gather insight, and create just exactly how it is you will illustrate to the world and yourself, your amazing spirit.  


Do you wanna make boardgames so people can come together and laugh?  Create artwork so people can see inspiration and imagination expressed in phyiscal form. Create a home of safety and compassion for everyone who comes through the door. Write comics so people have humor after reading a sad news article.  Turn our elaborate emotions into movement through dance, musical notes and movies.  Share your wisdom through teaching and sharing so others recognize their own.  Perfom hands on healing, work with the unseen body, or asisst in higher insight.  Cut hair, do makeup, and teach people self care tips to tune into their own self love.  Share your twisted jokes and dark humor so we can all laugh at the darkest times.  Fix transmissions or drive a tow truck, rescuing stranded drivers and helping people travel safely.  Fly for Delta and literally transport people to their dream destinations.



I mean it's ENDLESS.  To think that being spiritual or living your purpose begins with a Peruvian Shaman and ends with a flight to India is just silly!  What a waste yall, if all of us were to sit cross legged and chant sanskrit all day to have a perfect world.  Don't miss out on what could make you truly ecstatic about life and living your joy by mistaking a tool or hobby for your one 'n only calling.  You're more than a title or a certificate.  


Here's the comedy playing in my head right now-


Buddha sits down at a Mexican restaurant.  

No no no scratch that, let's go with Jesus... I'm too hungry to talk about mexican food right now...

(as if only Buddha can eat at the Mexican restarurant?  I digress.)


Jesus has been performing healings around town and the local yoga instructor and reiki practitioner goes to check him out.


Yoga Jan- "Hey so I heard you do healing work now?  I thought you made rocking chairs or something..."


Jesus- " I have lots of hobbies!  I mean yes, it's another form of healing, but it's really just our divine state of being.  I'm hoping to empower everyone to se-


Yoga Jan- "Oh yeah, for sure me too.  I'm a natural healer myself.  Who'd you study under?  I just got my Reiki Masters last weekend if you want me to pass it onto you-"


Jesus- "Your wha?  Is it painful?  I can look at it for you."


Yoga Jan- "Ohhhhh wow ok, I'm gonna make you a list of the books that absolutely changed my life last year when I began my journey.  Are you reading Gabriel Bernstein? Ho-ly shit, I love her.  She's like, not your regular spiritual teacher,  she's fucking amazing. My sanskrit is off the charts now, I'm pretty much fluent."


Jesus- "I do love to read!  I'm really just kinda hungry right now if you'd like to join me for lun-"


Yoga Jan-  "So like, there's a juice bar that just opened up 3 blocks down that is a-fucking-mazing.  Like you will detox walking through the door.  Non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, and 10% of profits go to LuLuLemon to help clothe poor people who wanna do hot yoga too which is like...fucking amazing...."


Upon realizing this may take a while, Jesus pulls a premade bagged ham sandwhich from his pocket...because ain't no doubt his dress WOULD have pockets right?  Divinely made.

.... Jan sees the ham sandwhich on white.


Yoga Jan-  "You can't sit with us."


End Scene.




And this is pretty much how I see what's going on right now.  Enlightenment has become the new fashion statement.  Who's the holiest.  Who's the most enlightened.  Who can name drop the fastest.  Who's gotten the most certifications.  Racked up the most trips to India.  Taken the most prayer hand pictures with crystals on their head #goddess.

I can't yall.

I can't.


In a time when 200 selfies a day is NOT seen as self obsession and narcissism... it's a dangerous time to be following the guidance of others blindly.

Question all of it.

All. Of. It.

We can only truly share what we know, and we can only truly know what we've experienced and learned from.  Lawyers quote the law all day 'n lie their friggin asses off.


Work with whatcha know in your self.


Someone else's daily practice that changed their life might deplete a window of time in your day from learning to play the drums or weld.  They wouldn't know that, only you do. It can be frustrating when one persons answer to happiness just makes you feel bored and further from the answer.  So take it all with a grain of salt, and always trust how it makes you feel.


We ALL are truly absolutely gifted with our own innate abilities, and healing is one of them BUT let's remember that doesn't have to mean hands on, energy, sound, etc...

We are endless in our abilities and individuality waiting to be shared and celebrated.



I am forever grateful to the alchemists who've written music that's brought me to tears when I needed to cry, and ran chills through my body when I needed to remember my own strength.


The mechanics who spotted the threading showing on a tire from years of stress and travel where I'd become too distracted to check and lost traction...  THANK YOOOOU that coulda been bad.


When we all individidaully show up doing our best in whatever it is we choose, or simply wherever we are at that moment in our lives, we provide healing and safety for one another.  No matter how big or how small we may could literally save our lives because someone was tuned in at that moment.  

It takes everyone.



Divine Message-


"The ocean need not speak of it's power, the lands it reaches, or the treasures it holds, but it's mystery forever wraps us in it's currents and frees us with its nature.  Be as the ocean my dear ones."


with love and joy-

Dr. Rebecca Garifo


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