Ay Cleo.

April 25, 2018

I'm forever tweaking my menu (again soon...), and I get real hesitant when people ask me if I do flat out readings or medium work because ...well I'm still under construction myself haha and still figuring out exactly what feels best every session.  I know we are all forever evolving, but I also take serious responsibility for what sort of messages are delivered and being present with who it is I'm supporting, and not transcribing from my own vision of the world.  As I've been making huge shifts, I wanna make sure I'm ready to share from healthy level ground at all times. 


 Unfortunately I've witnessed and had such awful experiences with narcissistic psychics, mediums, or generally over zealous weekend workshop masters, that it's made me a lil gun shy.  It's not to say we don't each have these abilities and connections waiting to be made, but there are so many that unfortunately go from zero to 60 and never honestly question their own true intentions or the intentions of who or what they're speaking with before bowling people over. I've witnessed people's loathing for their ex husband, anger at their own current situations, or need to dominate color entire sessions to poke holes in the lives of those receiving advice and inisght.  It's awful but because this is the light that the provider is seeing the world in at the time, these are the answers, energies, and spirits they're lined up with.  They may even receive uplifing and truly beneficial information, but if their filter's clogged from their own mess they're not dealing with...guess what...that's what's coming through in your message as well.


Story time...  I may have told this before but Ima tell it again cause it's important!


Just like sometimes people will try to cause trouble when you're happy, there's real bored beings in the spirit world waitin to assist with that as well.  It's so important for us to shake off ill wishes of others and keep our faces to the sun.






A little over five years ago, after returning from a weekend motorcycle trip with his brother, my husband had hung his riding vest on the pantry doors in the kitchen.  It was a gorgeous summer day and while he was outside working on his bike, I was cleaning house and getting ready for a friend to come stay the weekend.  Knowing he keeps a firearm in the inner lining of his vest, I always check each pocket thoroughly before tossing it anywhere.  I reached into the first pocket and found a small blue and white swirled glass cup.  It was about the size of my thumb and I thought, "What in the world? ...this looks like somethin somebody smoked out of..."


In my left ear I heard just as loud and clear in a low provoking tone, very unlike my usual quiet and warming assurances-

"He's gonna tell you he thought it was a vase."


I felt my face getting hot as I got angrier wondering if he was lying to me about something.


He came inside not two minutes later and saw me holding it and he got excited saying, "Oh hey!  I forgo-", then he realized quickly I was not smiling.


"What the hell is this?!"  I said holding it out in my hand.  "This looks like somebody's smoked out of it!"


He was obviously stunned at my level of anger and slowly walked toward me and said, "Babe I thought it was a vase."


Oh there he said it!!  I soooo wanted to stay angry, but I could see in his eyes he was being completely sincere and felt him being open with me.  I could feel my heart saying, breath and listen.


"Babe honestly, I saw it in the dirt when me and Mark put our kick stands down on our bikes and I stuck it in my pocket cause I know how you like swirly glass stuff ...  I didn't even think about it lookin like, I mean I am so sorry.  I just thought it was pretty and you'd like it.  I didn't even remember I'd put it in my pocket. I seriously just thought you might like it."


He's always bringing home rocks, flowers, anything that reminds him of me or looks like I might like it.  When we were still dating, there was a huge sunflower all by itself off of the highway going into downtown Wilmington, and one day when I went to look for it, it was gone.  I got to his work and he said he had a surprise for me, and there it was.  I'd never pointed it out to him but he'd picked it that day, and said everyday he saw it he wanted to get it for me.


 So honestly...even though I was angry as hell... this was not something out of the norm for him.  I knew he was telling me the truth.


Moral of the story...


Was the message I heard correct?  Yes it was.

But was it twisted to provoke distrust and build animosity?  That is a yes.

So was that message for my highest good and coming from a place of higher compassionate wisdom?  Absolutely not.

Did I have people around me bein dishonest 'n makin me paranoid as a mother?  Yes I did.


See how quickly things can get shady?  Just because something is "correct." does NOT make it worthy of our time or trust.


This is not meant to be frightening or creep anyone out, but yall you wouldnt take life advice from a night stalker calling from outside your window right?

I mean they would very likely know personal information and have insight no one else explainably would... but that does NOT make them worthy whatsoever of giving you solid advice.  In fact quite the contrary.


Often people want to experience something mindblowing or completely wild to prove to them that the spirit world is communicating, and trust me, I'm stubborn and ask for validation all the damn time, and thankfully I'm never let down,  but yall.... ya GOT to know whats up.  If you want someone to tell you what to do, I promise there's plenty waiting to fill the position, on this plane and others, so remember how precious you are. Trust yourself before anyone else, and always trust how you feel.  If it doesn't lift your spirit, don't even wanna hear it.


There are days I'll speak with someone and it's like constant communication is coming through, but more often than not it's becoming more of a talk circle with our higher selves as we communicate and listen from a level ground, because the more we get used to what our own higher wisdom sounds like, the less we pay attention to the other crap trying to get attention.  Even the toughest of truths to swallow, bring clarity and peace when delivered from a place that wants up to grow stronger and healthier.  Always always remember that.




Divine Message-

"Making contact is easy, but the highest of communication is a life long learning of listening from compassion and deciphering with wisdom."


with love and joy-

Dr. Rebecca Garifo



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