Make Sure You're Connected

June 22, 2018

So often I've known personally or spoken with people who have lived their life by a perfected spiritual practice for years, yet something's missing.  They're highly successful, but there's no sparkle.  They commit hours to communing with spirit,  but when it comes to one on one conversation, there's a loneliness present.  They may have a tribe, but in reality, are they having authentic unedited conversation with any of these people?  Unfortunately very often not. I'm pretty sure we all know how it feels to be surrounded by people and still incredibly lonely...shit's no fun.  This is where it comes down to responsiblity and honesty with ourselves.




In a world where everyone carrys a yoga mat,  and prayer hands and crystal grids are how so many are supposedly living their day to day... why is everyone so freaking depressed?  Why are anxiety, suicide, and body augmentation climbing the charts?


What if that's the problem?  What if everyone's trying so gahd-damn hard to be "woke" that there's no room for error, for authenticity, for REAL connection?  Because at a time when shits hittin the fan, it IS easy to get down...but when we aren't alone...the storms pass so much quicker and we rebuild our strength easily.  We don't get trapped in the isolation tank of self pitty and loathing. 


Hear me out here.  I'm not saying at all that everyone should just go shred their yoga mats 'n make flip flops out of em,  or give up prayer, meditation, and our crystal collections we're obsessed with.  (I'm right there with you I promise.)  BUT we all learn from one another how to act, how to treat eachother, how to treat ourselves, what's acceptable, what's not, so on and so forth.


If everyone's putting off a persona of perfection, then there's not much room for authenticity and vulnerability.  We can fake it all day long...but we're only robbing ourselves with that shit. 


My spiritual practice at one point coulda been described as somewhat brutal.  'N I mean I was happy, buuuut as much as I meditated 3 times a day, ate clean, followed my path, lived my truth... it was like I had the knowledge but it wasn't sinking into my bones.  I had plenty of friends but romantically I was a joke;  terrified.  I was careful to distance myself from people who werent "on the spiritual path"because I was on a mission.  


Yall... I didn't know jack shit til I got off my high horse of a meditation pillow 'n learned to fuckin love and be loved by people.  I mean like REALLY love.  We ARE spirit right?  We embody the light of God, the universe, Source, whatever you wanna call it.


So when we dig our heels into our practice, but leave out the entire slice of connection with others at a heart level...we're missin out.  We feel disonnnected.  Empty.  Frustrated that we could be SO devoted to our happiness and awakening...but still feel something's missing.  We can't seem to reach what we're goin for.


So many times people assume because I do spiritual counseling and healing work, that I must do yoga.  Yall I can't stand it.  I know it's great!  Obviously, or millions of people wouldn't swear by it!  But it's just not for me.  It has made me realize though, how distorted it's become of what people view as being connected or spiritual.  


How many children do you see crossin their legs 'n chantin every morning for an hour? Not many right?  But they naturally give and receive love, channel information from spirit, and live in joy!


Practices are HUGE in helping us come home to our true nature, there is absolutely no doubt.  But don't do like I did 'n make the mistake of thinking that's it.  Be willing to not know it all, but ready to share your hearts wisdom at every moment.


Practice having wonderful friends.  Practice lookin' like a fool infronta people, cause the less you worry about other's opinions, the clearer your vessel.  Practice laughing as much as you can, and listening to EVERYONE, because everyone has wisdom to be shared.  We are here for one another. 



Divine Message-

"To acknowledge God, Source, Spirit, the universe, that is within each of us, we can easily see we are answering each other's prayers.  Ask for help.  Be kind.  Practice compassion and understanding.  This is how we can best honor our divinity."


with love and joy-

Dr. Rebecca Garifo


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