Don't Call It Work

January 14, 2019

How often have you heard someone use the phrase, or said the phrase yourself (like me) "Do the work." ?  

It's big in the healing community.

Have you done the work?

Are they doing the work?

Obviously they haven't done the work.

He's done the work.

She's really doin' her work.

You've got to do the work.


Ima just lay it out there, energetically speaking... Does the phrase feel good to you? Cause it don't to me.

When I say it, or when I hear someone else say it... it honestly feels like Im bein a lil condescending and shaming.  A quick way to analyze whether a person is up to our speed or not. In fact it feels about the same as when I'd have people ask me, "But are you Christian? Have you been saved?"  


It doesn't really feel so good.


I've always said it myself not only because I'd picked it up from every spiritual person I followed, but specifically as a way to make myself feel safe from scrutiny.  "Ya can't pick me apart, cause I've DONE the work. I've paid my due diligence! I'm a member of the enlightened. I'm woke! Nothin' to fix here!"


I always loved the saying, "Don't get so busy making a living that you don't live your life." I looked at people avoiding actually living, as the ones working 9-5 jobs, intense marketing businesses, and fast paced power suit kinda environments.  The daily grind.


But as far as "the work" no no no...that's not the same.  Right?  But waaaait...


How often have I seperated daily life, from doing "the work?"  Been away on 3hr meditation conference calls and sharing downloaded information with fellow "workers", only to realize it was taking me away from everyone I loved. From delving into and uncovering so many of the life lessons sitting right in front of me.


Isolating me from living IN the moment with my family and friends, the ones who have actually helped me heal all the the patterns and emotions and wounds I've studied. The ones who've helped me stand in it without judgement and stop running from the present.


I'm starting to realize what we often call, "the work", is really just how we are meant to live our lives everyday, at our purest form. Paying attention, feeling, and listening intently with our hearts and spirits. We never really clock out from receiving answers from spirit or learning lessons right? So why do we call it work?  Who said it has to be taxing or come with an end or a beginning and an attendance report?


I'm beginning to reframe the whole idea of "the work" rather as how I want to observe and take in the world every single day to live my life FULLY, receiving every possible lesson I can, as opposed to starting or stopping anything or tuning out. I never really stops does it?


We here for the full time benefits.


Divine Message-


"Have we not often reached you in the very moments you thought you weren't clocked in? At the very times you may have thought you were least deserving? You are always working with spirit because you yourself are a spirit. We are on the same team. Do not punish yourself for taking part in what others see as vacation days. We promise, so long as your heart is beating, you are on the clock. It's simply your choice to witness life or remain numb to experiences. When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life, right?"


All my love and joy-

Rebecca Garifo Ph.D.






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