The Heart Is Not Helpless

September 30, 2019

I woke up a lil off a couple weeks ago. I sat downstairs trying to journal and read and just felt...not ready to be awake. I call myself lazy too often when I get up some mornings and feel like I should sleep in a lil, because every time, the extra sleep turns out to be much needed.

It turns out to be the window of calm I needed to let the new ideas come in and the old stuff work its way out.


I crawled back in bed as the kitty curled up on my chest and I started drifting back to sleep immediately as my mind went to the next book idea that had come to me in the last month as well the next book after that. Characters introduced themselves and I sank into the peaceful excitement of how easily these huge projects were coming together while I was snuggled and still in that in between state.


Although I meditate, it can still be a struggle sometimes to allow the inspirations to come through without saying, "Really though? It can't be that easy." So often my best ideas come around and during sleep, when I fight back a lil less.


As I started to wake back up and felt excited and overflowing with creative energy, the self doubt crept in and I started thinking, "How are you gonna do all this? You're still juggling other things!" I heard the message- "Allow yourself to swim freely in your creativity more a day at a time. We promise you won't get lost or led astray. The heart is not helpless." 


From that statement I understood that so many of our inspirations come straight from the intelligence of our hearts, but we may try to carry them out with our minds alone, telling our hearts we go it, it can take a back seat now...which doesn't work so good. 


I understood that the mind is for mapping out how it will be done and making the plan so we can let our hearts speak freely knowing there's a foundation built for the flow of creation. The same way frames are built for sidewalks before the concrete is poured.


The heart knows. It knows our deepest wisdom. Our true voice. Our most fulfilling endeavors yet to be done. Too often I've patronized my own heart's wisdom. I've received insight and inspiration and thought, "Aw doesn't that sound so nice you sweet little thing, buuut..." 


Isn't it funny how so many of us have searched for happiness, for our purpose, for our people, buuuuut we don't wanna look silly or childish. So with every whisper of direction we've received from our hearts of where to go next, we reply, "Isn't that sweet honey, the adults are talking though ok? My brain'll tell me what to do."


Just like healthy boundaries allow us to live openly and freely, when we can allow both our heart and mind to flourish equally, even the most far fetched whimsical inspirations can become a solid creation.


Sometimes I think my first book was really just to prove to myself it can be done! I can do this! Keep goin. :) So here's my lil nudge to you- look at any and ALL the things you've created. The heart you poured into it and the mental capacity it took to bring it about. Whether it's:

a well done paper for school 

a clean home

a child 

a healthy relationship 

a beautiful painting 

a perfectly decorated altar

a degree

a career

a garden

a book

a film

a trip

...all of it!


When our hearts and minds work together, we see glimpses of our potential. We see how we can communicate our differences and simultaneously tune into our wisdom and deep compassion while connecting the dots and articulating our emotions.


Here's to synchronizing!




All my love

-Rebecca Garifo Ph.D.


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