The Narcissist & The Empath Course

Divinity Through Duality

I'm so excited to share this with you!

This course consists of five Modules. First we'll go through multiple short stories to experience various scenarios involving the Narcissistic personality at work, home, in the spiritual community and more! Next we'll explore your own sensitivities, spirit communication, dreams, and relationships with food. We'll then circle around for a broader perspective of yourself and others in order to create space for compassion, transformation, and liberation.

This course is meant to be revisited at any and as many times as you like! It's not a how-to guide, but an assistant to your own expansion and unveiling of your wisdom!

Each module is available in both PDF and Audio.

Below you'll find a lil sample of what to expect in the course!


My perspective sounds a lil somethin' like this-

The Narcissist and the Empath represent extreme polarities of the human experience. One living in defense of denial and victimhood in order to avoid pain at all costs, and the other in a never ending fight for truth and love no matter how painful it may be. Although on opposite ends of the spectrum, they are both valid representations of the human experience.

So here's the thing, pushing against and dehumanizing the Narcissistic personality could never bring healing because to heal means to become whole, not widen the separation. The Narcissist is the embodiment of unhealed wounds internalized, personified, and translated back out into the world. They are not separate from us, but illustrations of our own wounds played out to the extreme. We cannot end toxic relationship patterns by learning how to better avoid people playing the roles anymore than a gambling addict heals by locking the car doors as they drive by the casino.

Contrast is meant to expand us, to birth us into our higher wisdom and knowing! Sometimes we just don't realize that it's by way of shitty relationships am I right? But, when you choose yourself, when you heal the spaces where another's wounds fit and set yourself and them free to live exactly as they are? You open your world to transform. You stop surviving and start living!

Now if you're lookin' for to-do lists or more of a step-by-step program? This may not be for you. No hard feelings but I don't wanna lead ya astray!

But if you found yourself reading this and feeling like the lights are turning on in the attic? Let's do this!

Let's move beyond the black and white thinking of survival and begin living from endless possibility!

The Narcissist & The Empath Course

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The Narcissist & The Empath Course

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The Narcissist & The Empath Course

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